Lexi Smith

lexi wearing white top

My name is Lexi Smith. I am 21 years old. Originally from Mustang, Oklahoma. I attend the University of Central Oklahoma and am pursuing a degree in psychology. I started modeling this past summer of 2017. Before I started modeling I really had never thought about it. I have a friend that is a photographer and would occasionally be his model as a favor. When he told me I should start modeling seriously I was very hesitant until I had a couple boutiques reach out to me wanting me to model for them. That’s when I thought to myself “I can do this”. Since then, I’ve done multiple shoots and things have moved really fast for me. I’m still learning the ropes but am always open for more suggestions. I’m excited to see where this takes me. I am a hard worker and know what it takes to work with others. I played basketball most of my life and this is my first year not playing in college. I know what it means to be a part of a team and I am easily coached and can take constructive criticism well. I am very thankful and blessed with this opportunity and look forward to what is to come.