Baili Reichenberger

Baili Reichenberger
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My name is Baili Reichenberger. I have learned with the right amount of determination, hard-work, and unwillingness to waiver, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I am currently a resident physician at OU medical center with a specialty in psychiatry. I went to medical school at Oklahoma State University and obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in Health and Exercise Science.

My upbringing was filled with love and support. I was raised by a single mom who taught by example. She instilled in me the qualities I am most proud to have developed today. My mom opened up our home to therapeutic foster care.  My familiarity with my siblings’ struggles has inspired me to help those who have been dealt a life full of suffering.  I have followed in her footsteps and am now a foster parent myself. This compassion, coupled with persistent hard work and unyielding support from my family, has been instrumental in creating and fulfilling my dreams.

I have learned leadership, responsibility, and communication through teaching and research. I worked immediately under the director of the Oklahoma Center for Neuroscience. I love teaching and have taught human anatomy to medical students as well as mentoring students in my current profession. I enjoy volunteer work and have served with Good Samaritan Health Services to get medical care to those in need, staffed rural health fairs, taught children in mini med school, did construction work with Habitat for Humanity and cooked for the homeless shelter. I have spent two summers doing mission work in South Africa and Tanzania, which formed in me a deep-rooted compassion, patience, and confidence in decision-making. I founded the OSU medical school chapter of Pros for Africa, which provides medical care to undeserved populations in Uganda.

My fascination with the marketing industry and how it interlocks with creative process initially sparked my interest in photography and modeling. I have since discovered modeling fulfills a desire to meet and interact with new and interesting people and brings out my personality in ways I never expected.  I like to portray fun and feeling good. I love the campaign that had fashion models replaced by role models and strive to be worthy of being such a role models.  I don’t represent some impossible standard and wouldn’t want to. I feel like this is where the modeling industry is moving, and it’s culture shift that is long overdue. I hope to inspire the next generation. To anyone who is considering chasing their dreams, I will end with my favorite quote, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. “.

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