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Musical / Broadway training / Vocal coaching

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Broadway is coming to Be Amazing Talent.

Ever want to be on Broadway? Well, we can teach you how to get there.

This class is designed to introduce singing and movement with acting in a fun and energetic way. You will learn breath control, diction, rhythm, expressive movements and gestures, and overall performance strategies to set you apart from the rest.

Musical theatre at be Amazing talent will take you to the next level and all the way to being a true performer.

Ages range from 5-Adult. Basic Musical Theatre to Advanced Musical Theatre and beyond.

Each year concludes with two (2) on stage performances. A winter and a spring. Winter is designated for 6-12 years and Spring is for 12 and beyond. These shows are by audition and/or recommendation only.

Classes are filling up quick, so call, +1 405 248 8835 or email to reserve your spot now or details.

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