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Improv / Acting

Ages/ Schedules/ prices/ curriculum

In today’s commercial market, it’s absolutely essential that an Actor has Improv training.

Be Amazing Talent offers a fully developed Improv program that leads seamlessly into our acting program.

Under the direction of CEO Justin Williams, our improv program provides students with tailored training and performance opportunity while incorporating the necessities you’ll need as a developing actor. Onscreen and stage training is threaded neatly throughout to give a complete experience.

We have something for everyone whether you have a knack for comedy, looking to enhance your auditions and callbacks, in need of motivation in the creative arena, or just looking for a bit more confidence.

Below are class schedules, prices, and availability.

Be sure to register today to reserve a seat.

For those ready to jump right into acting…you’re in luck. While Improv is a gentle lead into acting you don’t need it.

The acting classes will not only include a segment of Improv but will take you through all the steps needed to become a working actor. Our acting course is just as immersive as the improve but includes a more custom experience focused towards our actor.

Classes are filling up quick, so call, +1 405 248 8835 or email to reserve your spot now or details.

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