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Creative / Film Writing

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Convention says creative writing cannot be taught.

Let that sink in. You can’t learn to be creative.

At Be Amazing Talent we vehemently disagree. You can learn to write in the way you can learn to tie a shoe. Practice and dedication. Whether it’s a novel, screenplay, or poetry there is formula in the chaos that is the creative process.

We will teach you not only the rules to be a successful story teller, we will press the issue that the rules were made to be broken.

This program will include but is not limited to: hatching the idea, the all-important brainstorming, to outline or not to outline, and many more until you have a fully developed idea ready to turn into a manuscript. After which we will go through the drafting process and even the daunting task of editing your work.

At the end of this class you will have a completed short story, short film, or poem.

Ages will run from 10-Adult. Check the schedule below for class times, schedules, and prices. Seating is limited so move quickly.

Different sections for Film and Novel and Poetry.

Classes are filling up quick, so call, +1 405 248 8835 or email to reserve your spot now or details.

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