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Choreography and Dance

Think you can bust a move with the best of them? Well, Be Amazing Talent Dance class is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on. We got the moves to take to the stage, walking our students through things such as music videos, stage dancing and even creating your own signature moves.

Choreography is about more than dancing to the latest groove. It’s about finding the rhythm and moving your body in such a way that portrays your thoughts and emotions through the sound. It’s encompasses body language and other non verbal communication that we experience as humans. Things that speak much louder than any word ever could. We can’t necessarily teach you to appreciate all the nuances of this profession but we can definitely point them out and help you to understand why and how people move the way they move.

Classes are filling up quick, so call, +1 405 248 8835 or email to reserve your spot now or details.

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