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Life gets in the way.

School, jobs, babies, love, travel. It’s an ever present, over arching reality. And somewhere along the line, dreams get pushed aside. They’re brushed away like so many fallen leaves, forgotten in their piles and withered with time.

No one understands this more than us.

We also know that someone may have told you it was too late, it was too much, it was unrealistic to pursue such a lofty goal. That’s a mans job, that’s a weird thing, it’ll never work. But, here’s something they didn’t tell you. Not only didn’t they tell you…they omitted it on purpose to deter, to distract. They were afraid if they told you that you could do it, then they would have to pursue their own goals. Failure is the number one worse enemy to any dreamer. 


Failure divides and murders hope. But, if your moving, any pace, it is impossible to fail.

That’s what Be Amazing Talent is here to tell you. We live by the idea of living without boundaries. Age, sex, religion or any other demographic you may fall into mean very little in the grand scheme of things. Out here, it’s all about value. What can you add and what can you take away. We have sprouted with a message of enrichment and encouragement to tell you to live your best life because as far as we know, we only have one.

We as a company are here to help you bring out hidden talents, dreams, and passions long forgotten in old notebooks on the shelves of what could’ve been.

And the only thing stopping you…is you.

Featured Models

Abigail Gamache
Abigail Gamache
Ariana McDade
Ariana McDade
Ashlie Barnes
Ashlie Barnes
Baili Reichenberger
Baili Reichenberger
Brea MarQuee
Brea MarQuee
Brian Dewberry
Brian Dewberry
Briana Thomason
Briana Thomason
Carlos Cervantes
Carlos Cervantes
Elijah Bloomer
Elijah Bloomer

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Our Services

Voice over Acting

Ages/ Schedule/ Curriculum/ Prices

Let your voice be heard at Be Amazing Talent. We now offer Voice Over Acting. In this class, we will take you from fledgling to expert with hands on experience from industry experts.

Learn more about Voice Over Acting in Oklahoma.

Modeling: Runway to camera

Ages/ Schedules/ prices/ curriculum

Our class is titled Runway to Camera because that is exactly what it is. We take you through all the needed steps to get you to the top of your game.

Learn more about Modeling: Runway to Oklahoma.


Ages/ Schedules/ prices/ curriculum

In today’s commercial market, it’s absolutely essential that an Actor has Improv training.

Be Amazing Talent offers a fully developed Improv program that leads seamlessly into our acting program.

Learn more details about opportunities of Improv / Acting in Norman, Oklahoma.

Creative / Film Writing

Ages/ Schedules/ prices/ curriculum

Convention says creative writing cannot be taught.

Let that sink in. You can’t learn to be creative.

At Be Amazing Talent we vehemently disagree. You can learn to write in the way you can learn to tie a shoe. Practice and dedication. Whether it’s a novel, screenplay, or poetry there is formula in the chaos that is the creative process.

Become an expert in Creative and Film Writing.

Musical/ Broadway training/ Vocal coaching

Ages/ Schedules/ prices/ curriculum

Broadway is coming to Be Amazing Talent.

Ever want to be on Broadway? Well, we can teach you how to get there.

This class is designed to introduce singing and movement with acting in a fun and energetic way. You will learn breath control, diction, rhythm, expressive movements and gestures, and overall performance strategies to set you apart from the rest.

Get more details about Musical, Broadway training and Vocal Coaching.

Choreography and Dance

Think you can bust a move with the best of them? Well, Be Amazing Talent Dance class is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on. We got the moves to take to the stage, walking our students through things such as music videos, stage dancing and even creating your own signature moves.

Learn more about choreography and dance.

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